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Submit a formal complaint 

Before making a formal complaint to the PT NCP regarding an alleged non-compliance with the Guidelines, we recommend consulting the PT NCP Procedure Guide for Handling Specific Instances within the scope of the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises

 After reading the NCP Procedures Guide, you should complete the Initial Application for Contact with the NCP, sending it to the email pcn.portugal@dgae.gov.pt

Frequently asked questions 

Who can file a complaint?
Which NCP to contact?
What is the geographic reach of the NCPs?
How do I file a complaint with an NCP?
Is legal representation required?
Are there any costs for submitting a complaint?
What to expect from submitting a complaint to an NCP?
What if there are suspicions of retaliation?
What are the steps for handling a Specific Instance?
Are the cases public?
13/04/2023:Catarina Tavares (UGT) | What is expected from the stakeholders regarding the implementation and monitoring of the PT NCP? What are the procedures of the process?
13/04/2023:Paulo Moreira (AEP) | How can a legal imposition be compatible with a voluntary imposition? Won’t this create more entropy? What are the consequences of specific instances? If there is spec
13/04/2023:José Muller e Sousa (AICEP) | How can companies' compliance with the guidelines can positively influence its business?
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