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Direção-Geral das Atividades Económicas
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Database of Specific Instances coordinated by PT NCP 

Case of 2004 (handled by ICEP, I.P.) 

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Case Summary  Complaint filed by a trade union about the activities of a multinational company operating in Portugal. 
Focused themes  Employment and industrial relations
Date of receipt  3 May 2004 
Country(ies) involved  Portugal
Type of Applicant 
Trade union
Industry Sector  Not identified 
State point  Concluded 
NCP outputs  Final Declaration - Non-acceptance 
Case Description 
In May 2004, the PT NCP received an allegation from a union informing that a multinational company failed to observe the provisions relating to Cap. V. Employment and Labor Relations of the Guidelines, in connection with a factory closure in Portugal. 

After an initial assessment, PT NCP concluded that there was no non-compliance with the Guidelines and, subsequently, concluded the specific instance, by agreement of the parties involved. 
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