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Obtaining EU Ecolabel 

Market Surveillance  

Market surveillance and control of the use of the EU Ecolabel is ensured by the competent bodies through Article 10 "Market surveillance and control of the use of the EU Ecolabel" of Regulation (EC) No 66/2010 on an EU Ecolabel scheme.  

Each EU Ecolabel licence holder signs a contract setting out the conditions of use of the EU Ecolabel. Once the contract has been established, the competent body may at any time request from the licence holder the documentation necessary to check the compliance of the product with the criteria and conditions of use set out in the contract. The competent body may also visit the licence holder’s premises to ensure that the criteria continue to be met. 

Compliance factors:   

1. False or misleading advertising or the use of the EU Ecolabel logo in such a way as to create confusion shall be forbidden.   

2. The competent body shall be responsible for regularly verifying that the product complies with the EU Ecolabel award criteria and the assessment requirements laid down in Regulation (EC) No 66/2010

3. As the competent body in Portugal, DGAE is responsible for investigating complaints about products, and this investigation may be carried out by means of random on-site checks.  

4. At the request of the competent body, the EU Ecolabel licence holder shall grant access to the site where the product in question is manufactured, or the service is provided. This access may be unannounced. 

Do you have a complaint?   

If you wish to file a complaint, you should fill in and send to the European Commission a complaint form, available on the European Commission's website in the "Do you have a complaint?" section. 

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