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Obtaining EU Ecolabel   

 Legislation, Criteria and Validity 

The criteria applicable to the product group are normally valid for a period of three to seven years, depending on the European Commission Decision applicable to each product group. By being reviewed regularly, the criteria reflect technical innovations such as developments in materials or production processes, emission reductions and changes in the market. The criteria may be extended if they remain appropriate in the light of current technical and/or technological developments, or they may be reviewed before they expire. 

If the criteria for a group of products are reviewed, the respective EU Ecolabel licence holders should submit a new application if they wish to keep them. When the validity of the criteria for the applicable product group is extended, the term of the respective EU Ecolabel allowances is automatically extended. Licence holders can use the EU Ecolabel from the date the licence was awarded, until the end of the validity period of the respective criteria. 

To check the validity period of a product group's criteria, please consult the European Commission's website

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