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Knowing EU Ecolabel 

Benefits of Products and Services Awarded with EU Ecolabel  

Consumers are increasingly adopting conscious practices to support the development of environmentally and socially responsible products and services, taking on an important role in the ecological transition. 

In March 2023, more than 230 different environmental labels had been identified on the EU market, making it a challenge for consumers to be able to identify which labels they can trust. The EU Ecolabel is a system managed by the European Commission in coordination with the competent bodies of the Member States and is a reference for consumers to make smarter and more sustainable choices.  

Benefits of the EU Ecolabel: 

  1. Truly green products and services, enabling sustainable choices
  2. It benefits the environment while promoting responsible business practices 
  3. Enables all market players to contribute to the political goals of a cleaner, more circular economy, greater carbon neutrality and a more toxic-free environment
  4. Ensures that products are more durable and easier to repair or recycle 
  5. Minimizes the use of harmful chemicals, as well as emissions into the air and water
  6. Helps reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions 

Find out more about the importance of the EU Ecolabel to consumers, retailers and businesses in EU Ecolabel website. 

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