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João Torres - Secretário de Estado do Comércio Serviços e Defesa do Consumidor

The new perspectives for global trade and its challenges were discussed at a webinar on the European Union's Trade Policy, held 10 February, an initiative from the Ministry for the Economy and the Digital Transition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the European Commission.

On the table was the important role of trade policy instruments for ensuring equitable conditions of competitiveness for national and European companies, as well as the proper implementation and enforcement of EU trade agreements, barriers to trade, the participation of small and medium-sized companies in global trade and the relevant role of trade defence instruments in the protection of European industry.

The European Commission presented the Access2Markets platform that provides relevant information for companies exporting from the EU, for example, information on trade partnerships, tariffs and taxes.

On a panel moderated by the CIP (Confederation of Portuguese Business), the AORP (Portuguese Jewellery and Watchmaking Association) presented its sector and two companies – Matcerâmica and Ferneto – spoke of the benefits associated with EU free trade agreements in terms of exports to third countries, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises.

It was opened by the Secretary of State for Internationalisation, Eurico Brilhante Dias (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and closed by the Secretary of State for Trade, Services and Consumer Protection, João Torres (Ministry for the Economy and the Digital Transition). Also taking part were: Denis Redonnet (the European Commission's Chief Trade Enforcement Officer), Fernanda Ferreira Dias (Director-General for Economic Activities, Ministry for the Economy and the Digital Transition) and Maria João Botelho (Deputy Director-General for European Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs).



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For more information: https://www.2021portugal.eu/en/news/european-union-trade-policy-under-debate/ 

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